Hello world!

Why The Cat’s Hat?  Simple, we have a crazy cat (me), a “fish” of reason (my DH), and the adorable Things 1 and 2 (my baby daughters, ages 2 years and three mos, respectively).

After reading so many homeschool blogs, I thought I would start my own.  I get to document the life of a homeschool mom in NYC, all the paperwork, the doubts, the triumphs, and the fun.  Wait until my kid is old enough to legally start!  Plus, I get to be a rare bird, an Orthodox Jewish homeschool mom who lives in an area with several hundred Jewish girls’ schools.

Some questions that annoy me:

1. Why homeschool?  So I can save myself the agony of spending seven G’s a year for my daughters to receive inferior educations and spend the better part of the day with strangers.

2. How will they make friends?  Between synagogue, dance class, Scouts, swim lessons, and wherever else their interests lead them, I’m not worried. Besides, nearly every family on my block has kids their age.

3. But then they won’t have Jewish friends.  Guess what!  If some of their friends happen to be non-Jews, I’m not going to cry about it.  New York is a diverse city.  I’d rather my kids learn that now and learn to deal with others than have them turn into a bad Jewish stereotype.

4. They won’t fit into mainstream society.  Really.  I was homeschooled for my last year of high school.  Yet somehow I managed to finish college, live in a dormitory, hold down a job, live in an apartment, pay taxes, and get married.  Boy, am I abnormal!

5. How will you know what to teach them?  Um, my kid is two.  I think I can handle it.  Besides, there are these wonderful devices called books.  I can learn things from them and then teach my kids.

6. Won’t you get sick of them?  I know I’m counting the days until mine go to school.  Let’s make a deal.  If you don’t respond with horror at the thought of my homeschooling, I won’t comment on the fact that you chose not to use birth control and now have five kids.

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  1. Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. I just came over from the Denim Jumper to say welcome to Blogland! I like your attitude. Being different is good, isn’t it? I’ve come to love my Freak-ness.

  3. Welcome to blogland!

  4. That last one has always killed me… “I just can’t stand to be around my kids that long.”

    I once watched a mean woman in sprawlmart and her two mean daughters arguing about school supplies and clothing. She commented to me that she could not WAIT until school starts. I smiled, said “I homeschool,” and she said, in front of her children, “I could never homeschool, I just couldn’t stand to spend every day with my kids.”

    “I couldn’t stand to spend every day with your kids, either.” I told her.

    I guess you’re not the only one with an attitude.

  5. I’ve just come from Denim Jumper and I love your blog so far. I look forward to hearing more from you!

    (And I’m almost peeing myself laughing at your #6/birth control response… that’s a great one!)

  6. I think you and I can get along 🙂

    My mom just said you must be like a long lost twin

    “I won’t comment on the fact that you chose not to use birth control and now have five kids.”

    I do love that comment, right there, I almost teared. 🙂

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