1,001 Stall Tactics of a Toddler

The Queen Mom is visiting!  Since I am her only child, that would make Thing 1 and Thing 2 her only grandchildren.  Last night, Queen Mom was trying to put Thing 1 to bed while I nursed Thing 2.  However, both she and the Builder caved on everything from extra stories to drinks of water to extra kisses night-night.  Eventually, I had to step in, and put Thing 1 to bed myself.  To everyone’s amazement, she went to bed without a fuss.

Since Thing 1 was about seven months old, I have been perfecting the art of getting her into bed without making her cry.  Obviously, we had a few nights of “cry it out” in the beginning, but now she goes to bed, for the most part, without a fuss.  However, there have been times when I had to lay down the law.  For instance, I don’t like to let her cry for more than 10 minutes.  If she did, I took her downstairs for “quiet time.”  I kept the lights dim and let her play, but I would lie on the couch and not interact.  No reading, no playing.  Eventually, she’d go to bed without a fuss.  Then, her stalling took a different tack.  She’d want to kiss the mezuzah on her door.  Not once, but several times!  Eventually, I’d have to pull her off.  She’d ask for another story, another good-night kiss, antoher drink of water.  She’s lie down in my bed and tuck herself in.  All very cute.  All very effective–on Builder.  I, on the other hand, would pick her up, carry her to her room, and continue despite her protests.

She gets the following every night: a bath, a clean diaper and pajamas, her hair brushed, “kiss Tatie night-night”, one story, one lullabye, one round of Shema, then Mommy tucks her in and kisses her goodnight.  If she tries to go for more than that, I cut straight for the crib.  She gets the point.

It absolutely amazes me that both Builder and Queen Mom, who each have managerial positions and are well-respected by their employees, turn into marshmallow fluff at the hands of a two-year old.

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