Reason #294 why “playgroup” just ain’t happening

Yesterday was Shabbos Zachor.  So, the Things and I dropped in at the local synagogue to catch a reading.

Normally, I consider two little kids and a shul to be a really bad combination.  Let’s face it, kids tend to act, um, “charming” when we least wish them to be.  Fortunately, the Young Israel (I won’t say which one) has a little drop-in daycare playroom so that parents can keep their youngsters out of the sanctuary.  They even had a special reading of Zachor for all the little kids and those parents who chose to stay in the playroom with them. 

Just as the service was ending, Thing 2 woke up and wanted to eat.   I have basically given up on trying to convince Thing 2 of the merits of the occasional bottle.  So, I have to take her out to nurse her.  I was gone for about five minutes, and came back to face every parent’s worst nightmare.

As I re-enter the playroom, I see no sign of Thing 1.  So, I go to the woman in charge, and ask, “Excuse me, wher’s my kid?”

“Uh…good question!”  This is about the last thing I want to hear!  A part of me wanted to grab this idiot’s shoulders, shake her until her teeth chattered, and scream “YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE WATCHING HER!”  But, I didn’t.  First of all, I could tell that she was upset about misplacing my daughter.  For another, I have no desire to be charged with assault.

So, after putting out an APB, I set out to search.  Unfortunately, between the crowd leaving the building, and dragging Thing 2 in her carrier (like HELL I’m putting down the one I have left,) I’m a bit hindered.  Meanwhile, Builder tells me that I should have made sure that someone was watching her.  (Um, that’s kind of the point of the playroom, dear.).  Well, it turns out someone was watching her.  The other playroom supervisor watched my kid…watched her wander out!

Finally, after about 5-10 minutes, Builder comes back with Thing 1, happy as a bird and munching on candy.  She’d wandered to the shul’s basement.  I was so relieved to get her back!  On the way home, I told Builder, “If this is the way they run a railroad around here, I don’t even want to hear the word ‘playgroup’ again for a very long time!”

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