About the Cat’s Hat

We are a family of Orthodox Jewish homeschoolers in Brooklyn, NY

Me: A former nomad, I’ve lived in five different states and seen about half the country.  Having gone to nine different schools, I dropped out of an all-girls school at 16 and finished high school at home.  Since my daughters were born, I decided to homeschool them as well.  I also happen to be as politically liberal as the day is long. 

Besides that, I love Law & Order reruns, Billy Joel, pretty much all things musical, and NYC, the greatest city in America.

Builder: My dear sweet husband, he is, as the name implies, a contractor.  He is obsessed with the news and wants to get a major job.  He’s sort of on-board with the whole homeschooling idea, but worries about what other people will think.

Thing 1 (born 11/06):  My cute older daughter loves Sesame Street, Dr. Seuss, banshee yells and Animaniacs.  Her favorite  sentence: “Mommy, I love you.”

Thing 2 (born 9/08): My much-wanted younger daughter loves her exersaucer and gets into everything with her new crawling skills.

Queen Mom: My mom.  She pops up every so often, bringing joy to her granddaughters and making the Builder nervous.  She loves the idea of my homeschooling the girls.

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